Brand Analysis & Coaching

Discover the full potential of your brand

A fresh look at your brand. From the outside in.

Let’s face it. Being on the inside, you can’t see your brand the way others do. I guide your team to explore what your brand stands for through a series of questions and exploratory discussions. We talk about things like your corporate culture and how we might express “authenticity” in your branding related to the things you do well, caveats and things to avoid due to weaknesses in your systems, your brand “voice,” how you might want to use colors, images, and font treatments.

To see what’s broken in your marketing, get an X Ray.

Our Brand XRay™ is a comprehensive analysis that helps you make the decisions you need to make to power up your marketing. See how your company is positioned against competitors. Learn how you can optimize the use of your logo to increase brand presence. See where holes exist in your customer messaging. Use this information to build credibility, grow your sales and increase customer loyalty.

Get the truth about your website from a web expert. Not from your competition.

We compare your site to major competitors and show you the strengths and weaknesses. Because it’s a terrible thing to succeed in bringing a prospective customer to your site only to have them leave in frustration. We evaluate your site on different devices, and analyze keyword usage, search engine positioning and user interface to where things can be improved to move you ahead of the competition.

We think you’d rather run rings around the competition than circle the drain.

Without proper guidance, it can be easy to keep making the same mistakes. And that’s a recipe for disaster in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Brand coaching and our innovative Brand XRay™ are your path out of that vicious circle.

Coaching that exercises your brand’s most important muscle. The cash register.

Chances are that you’re losing substantial sales due to improper use of your brand messaging. What’s it worth to your bottom line if you increased your sales by just one or two percentage points? Contact the Adwiz today for brand coaching services. And watch your cash register bulk up.


The Adwiz focuses on helping companies with fewer than 50 employees grow their business through cost-effective solutions.


Having designed marketing programs for companies including billion dollar household names, you’re in the hands of a highly experienced expert.


A complete range of connected services, from web design to print collateral, Public Relations and much more.

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