Big agency quality for the small business world

In today’s market, companies can’t afford to waste resources. Brands need to be clearly defined and communicate with passion, at the lowest possible cost.

While working on large corporate marketing communications at a major ad agency, George Pytlik noticed that smaller companies had very little access to quality resources. And they are generally more appreciative of great work and a lot more fun to work with. The Adwiz provides them with the same kind of polished marketing presentations normally available only major corporations, from large advertising agencies. A variety of integrated services help these smaller brands gain a foothold in the marketplace.

Web Design

In a world filled with identical looking, cookie-cutter websites, the Adwiz designs powerful customized websites. Enjoy the results of a site that perfectly reflects your brand’s image and messaging. George has designed and built over 160 successful web sites and digital presentations. As one of the nation’s most experienced web designers, he was an Internet marketing pioneer and has gained a wealth of knowledge in making web sites that work. A comprehensive understanding of SEO, landing page design, maximizing conversion rates, Email marketing and the use of social media makes George a great choice for high quality digital design.

Web maintenance designed to protect your brand

Most web maintenance programs are designed by technicians for technicians. ReBoot is different. It's a maintenance plan designed by a branding expert for business people. A full suite of sophisticated services especially selected to protect your brand, optimize your sales potential and give you the reporting you need to make business decisions.

Branding and Corporate Identity

With over three decades of experience designing powerful identity programs, your brand identity is in good hands. The Adwiz has designed many highly effective logos and identity systems, for companies ranging in size from small startups to billion dollar national corporations. The work includes everything from logos for individual products to rebranding to full-scale identities that can involve signage and vehicle decals.

Brand Coaching

Many companies struggle to grow their business, expending thousands of dollars in efforts to prop up sales yet never realizing that small details in their brand messaging are sabotaging their marketing process. Customers and prospects alike may be getting mixed messages. There may be weaknesses in your communications that undermine your marketing. Our innovative Brand XRay is a comprehensive report that gives you valuable insight to areas where your brand needs attention.

Advertising Design and Production

Finding it hard to justify the huge budgets of a full-service ad agency? The Adwiz is your perfect solution, providing the quality you’ll find in an ad agency but without the high overhead. Having served companies of all sizes, as well as the non-profit sector, George Pytlik is acutely aware of budget limitations and works hard to give you the most powerful solutions for the lowest possible cost. You don’t need a massive budget to get noticed in the marketplace and to see sales results. With years of experience creating effective advertisements, the Adwiz can help develop powerful strategies and executions for your business.


The Adwiz has over 30 years of powerhouse experience in advertising and branding, and over 20 years designing websites. This means greater efficiency, keeping budgets reasonable.


The Adwiz was recognized in a national news story as a digital marketing pioneer even before the Internet existed, and was designing websites when the web was only one year old. He’s seen all the trends and keeps you ahead of new ones.


One thing that sets large brands apart from small ones is attention to detail. Recognizing that the little things are important to create the brand impression you need, the Adwiz doesn’t cut corners on quality.

Ready to move your company forward with powerhouse marketing communications?